The Tarragona factory, a pioneer of the city's chemical park

Supplier of ancillary services to other companies

The Tarragona factory, located in the municipality of La Canonja (Tarragona), is dedicated to supplying services to companies in the southern industrial park of Tarragona. To this end, it is equipped with production units for the generation of steam, cooled brine, instrument air and cooling and demineralised water. The centre also has a wastewater treatment plant using biological processes to treat effluents from other companies.

This factory also provides other general dispatch, prevention, portering and surveillance services to the companies located on the same industrial estate. It is also the headquarters of Ercros' integral logistics department.

This is one of the three factories that make up the Tarragona industrial complex, which also belongs to Ercros' chlorine derivatives division. It has a workforce of around 30 people.

Plantas de servicios de la fábrica de Tarragona

Tarragona factory services plants

South Tarragona industrial estate

General view of the factory and the companies in the southern petrochemicals park.


The Tarragona factory supplies services to chemical companies located in the southern industrial area of Tarragona.


Sekisui Speciality Chemicals Europe S L

TDE Transformadora de Etileno

Ethylene Transformer A.I.E.

Logo Andrés Pintaluba

Andrés Pintaluba, S.A.


In figures

The key figures of the Tarragona factory



29 million m<sup>3</sup>

Of cooling water supplied per year

13 millon Nm<sup>3</sup>

Of compressed air supplied per year

147,000 m<sup>3</sup>

Of treated effluent per year

A bit of history

Planta de ácido nítrico

Unión Explosivos Río Tinto, S.A. (ERT) builds the Tarragona factory dedicated to the production of nitric acid. It is a pioneer in the city's southern petrochemical industrial estate.

Planta de acetato de etilo de la fábrica de Tarragona en 1975

Ethyl acetate production starts in a new plant.

Planta de tratamiento biológico de la fábrica de Tarragona

Launch of the biological wastewater treatment plant, the first in the petrochemical park.

Logo IQA

Operation of the acetaldehyde and acetic acid plants owned by IQA on the same site.

Logotipo de Ercros

Acquisition of IQA 's acetaldehyde and acetic acid plants and integration of the Tarragona factory into Ercros following the merger of ERT and S.A. Cros.

Planta de acetaldehído de la fábrica de Tarragona

Production of the ethyl acetate and acetaldehyde plants ceases.

Torres de ácido nítrico

Sale of the nitric acid plant and end of production activity. The plant focuses on supplying services to third parties.

Certificates of the Tarragona factory

The distinctive marks that endorse this factory's commitment to sustainability.

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Polígono Industrial La Canonja
Carretera de Valencia, s/n
43110 La Canonja (Tarragona)
Phone: +34 977 548 011
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