Internal regulations

Here you can find the main internal rules guiding the governance of Ercros


Articles of association
Regulations of the shareholders' meeting (in Spanish)
Board of directors regulations (in Spanish)
Audit committee regulations (in Spanish)
Regulations of the appointments, remuneration, sustainability and corporate social responsibility committee (in Spanish)
Internal regulations of conduct on the securities markets (in Spanish)
Ethical code of conduct
Whistleblower defense policy (in Spanish)
Shareholder remuneration policy (in Spanish)
General meetings attendance fee policy
Communication policy with shareholders and stock market agents (in Spanish)
Zero tolerance policy with market manipulations (in Spanish)
Directors remunerations policy (in Spanish)
Directors selection policy (in Spanish)
Board of directors diversity policy (in Spanish)
Social responsibility policy (in Spanish)
Sustainability policy
Energy policy (in Spanish)
Criminal compliance policy (in Spanish)
Anti-corruption and crime prevention policy (in Spanish)
Fiscal policy (in Spanish)
Personal data protection policy (in Spanish)
Equality and non-discrimination policy (in Spanish)
Conciliation policy (in Spanish)
Communication policy (in Spanish)