Board of directors

A board formed by professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences

Board of directors regulations (in Spanish)

The Company's administration

The board of directors is the highest decision-making body of Ercros, except in matters reserved for the competence of the general shareholders' meeting. Its main function is the governance of the Company, which it must perform with unity of purpose and independence of judgement.

The following depend on the board:

  • The audit committee, whose function is to supervise the internal audit and risk management systems; the preparation process and the integrity of financial and non-financial information; and to preserve the independence of the auditor. The compliance committee and the internal audit service report to this committee.
  • The appointments, remuneration, sustainability and corporate social responsibility committee, which oversees the appointment and remuneration of directors and reports on the recruitment and remuneration of senior executives. It also oversees the corporate governance system and the Company's corporate social responsibility and sustainability policies.
  • The strategy and investment committee, which supports the board of directors in the analysis and monitoring of strategic policy and advises it on all matters relating to investments.


Ercros board of directors
Ercros board of directors

The board of directors

It is formed by six people, four men and two women. By category, there is one executive director, two independent female directors, two external directors and one proprietary director.

Chairman/ Chief executive officer/ Executive
Director/ Coordinator/ Independent
Director/ Deputy coordinator/ Independent
Director/ Proprietary
Director/ External
Director/ External
Non-director secretary

Board committees

The audit committee

It is composed of three non-executive director and chaired by an independent female director.

Chairwoman/ Independent
Member/ Independent
Non-director secretary

Compliance committee

It assists the audit committee in the prevention of criminal risks.

Internal audit service manager/ Non-director
Legal department manager/ Non-director

The internal audit service

It guarantees the correct functioning of the internal control system and compliance with the regulations governing Ercros.

Manager/ Non-director

The apointmens, remuneration, sustainability and corporate social responsibility committee

Formed by three external directors and chaired by an independent female director.

Chairwoman/ independent
Member/ Independent
Non-director secretary

Strategy and investment committee

Formed by three directors and chaired by the CEO.


Member/ Independent
Member/ Proprietary
Non-director secretary