Significant actions

From words to deeds: a taste of what we do for sustainability

Sustainability policy

The result of our commitment

Ercros' commitment to protecting the environment, repairing any damage caused, and its adherence to voluntary alliances for the application of good practices, is reflected in each of the actions adopted by the company. Below are some examples of our actions in favour of the environment.

Decalogue of good OCS practices in Vila-seca II (operation clean sweep)
Decalogue of good OCS practices in Vila-seca II
Green hydrogen presentation at Expoebre Tortosa
Green hydrogen presentation at Expoebre Tortosa
Photo montage for CESIC bioplastics press release
Study of the bioplastics degradation in the mountains
The director of the Sabiñánigo factory, Luis Gállego, at the signing of Ercros' commitment to the GetHyGA initiative.
Committed to green hydrogen in Aragon

Some of the actions we are undertaking to protect the environment:

Control de suelos de la fábrica de Flix

We remediate factory grounds

We clean up or regenerate soils and environments affected by the historical activity of our factories.

Planta de tratamiento de aguas residuales de la fábrica de Flix

We control emissions, spills and noise

We have wastewater treatment plants; filtering and emission abatement systems; and enclosures for acoustic emission sources and equipment silencers. We also have an online control and monitoring system to act when any deviation from optimum conditions occurs.

Examples of actions to protect biodiversity

Canales y observatorio de la Reserva Natural de Sebes

We collaborate with the Sebes Natural Area

We belong to the board of trustees of the Sebes Natural Area, located in front of the Flix factory and which forms part of the Plan of Areas of Natural Interest in Catalonia (PEIN).

Ercros and the Flix City Council periodically renew the collaboration agreement by which we confirm our adherence to the plan and reinforce our commitment to the council in matters of social responsibility.

Fabrica Cardona

Restoring the landscape of Cardona

We have launched a project to restore and protect the Cardona Salt Valley - a site that is also included in the PEIN - by reforesting the areas that have been left free after the end of salt extraction from a dump formed by potash mining.

Filter to prevent microplastic loss

Controlling microplastic leakage

Our Monzón and Vila-seca II facilities have a system for collecting accidental losses of plastic micro-waste in order to prevent it from ending up on the ground and in the aquatic environment.

Both factories have passed the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) audit, a global voluntary commitment of the plastics industry that pursues the goal of zero pellet losses and that accredits certified companies for compliance with regulations on micro plastics.

 Ercros firma un acuerdo con la Fundación para la Conservación y Recuperación de Animales Marinos

We collaborate with the Marine Animal Recovery Center

We have a collaboration agreement with the Foundation for the Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals (CRAM) through which it supplies chlorine derivatives for the maintenance of the aquariums where sea turtles are recovered. In this way, we contribute to the protection of marine fauna and ecosystems.