Significant shareholdings

Significant shareholders hold 21% of the share capital of Ercros

Shareholders with a stake of over 3%

Based on the data provided by the interested parties to the CNMV, as of 15-03-2024, there were four shareholders who had declared that they held, directly or indirectly, more than 3% of the Company's share capital. Together, these shareholders hold 18.9 million shares, representing 21% of the share capital. 

The estimated free float at the same date is 79%, after excluding significant shareholdings.

The Company is not aware of the existence of any shareholders' agreements between shareholders that include the regulation of voting rights at general meetings or that restrict or condition the free transferability of shares.

Listing of the qualifying holdings

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The percentages are calculated on the number of shares in the share capital at 15-03-2024.

Dimensional Fund Advisors' indirect holding includes a direct holding of its subsidiary, DFA International Small Cap Value Portfolio. On 25-09-2023, this shareholder reported a decrease in its shareholding to 4.991%.

Mr. Casas Galofré is a proprietary director of Ercros.