Molécula de formaldehído


Ercros is Spain's leading formaldehyde producer

Formaldehyde sheet (in Spanish)

What is it used for?

Formaldehyde is one of the most important basic organic compounds (building blocks) in the chemical industry.

Ercros is the leading producer of formaldehyde in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe, using it mainly as a raw material to manufacture a wide range of derivatives (paraformaldehyde, polyols and resins).

The remaining part of the formaldehyde it produces is sold to customers who, in turn, use it to manufacture a wide range of products such as MDI or resins.

In addition, this product can also be used:

  • In the manufacture of surfactants (or emulsifiers), additives for tanning, disinfectants, preservatives for pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • In the synthesis of various organic products.

Formaldehyde, present in all organic forms of life

The chemistry of formaldehyde
The chemistry of formaldehyde
The chemistry of formaldehyde

Did you know that...

Formaldehyde is naturally produced; it disappears by sunlight and bacteria, and is rapidly broken down during the human metabolic process.

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Ercros certifies the quality, safety and environmental friendliness of the manufacture of this product, and is adhered to voluntary agreements that endorse its commitment to CSR and customer service.

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