Ercros will invest 6.5 million euros in Almussafes within the framework of the 3D Plan


Ercros plans to start up eight projects at its factory in Almussafes (Valencia), with a joint investment of 6.5 million euros. In the last 14 years (2007-2020), Ercros has invested 11 million euros in this factory. The eight actions will be carried out within the framework of the 3D Plan, the Ercros' strategic plan for the period 2021-2025, which pursues its transformation into a sustainable company and that is based on three dimensions: Diversification, Digitalisation and Decarbonisation. Half of the 6.5 million euros of the investment in Almussafes will be used to expand the production capacity of ErcrosTech, a range of technical resins for high-performance applications (decorative laminates, can coatings for food use, etc.).

This investment will allow to diversify the applications and markets of this product and, therefore, increase the offer of Ercros' commercial portfolio. The 3D Plan also considers allocating 2.5 million euros to five digitalisation projects in Almussafes, including the increase of the automation in the product packaging and palletizing process; Big Data, for the optimization of processes through the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools; or the Internet of Things (IoT), with the installation of sensors to monitor key parameters of equipment operation.

Finally, the remaining amount of the 6.5 million euros will be assigned to two decarbonisation projects to improve the energy efficiency of the factory. The first is to implement a new technology in the formaldehyde plant that will significantly reduce electricity consumption, and the second is to replace the less efficient luminaires of the factory streets and plants.

Carrying out these eight actions will strengthen the sustainability of the Ercros project in Almussafes, by promoting the diversification of the activity, increasing the automation of the processes, and improving the environmental performance of the facilities.

The 3D Plan succeeds the ACT Plan (2016-2020), for adaptation to technological change, which involved the modernisation of Ercros’s production structure and the incorporation of important energy efficiency improvements.

The Almussafes factory is part of the intermediate chemicals division. It directly employs 109 people and in 2020 had a turnover of about 60 million euros. It exports 65% of its production and is the world leader in the paraformaldehyde market. Almussafes also produces resins that are mainly used to manufacture boards and laminates, such as the ErcrosGreen+ range, whose emissions level is similar to that of natural wood, or as the aforementioned ErcrosTech range.