Molécula de amoníaco


The purest quality for the most demanding use

Ammonia sheet (in Spanish)

What is it used for?

The high degree of purity of the ammonia manufactured and marketed by Ercros (as anhydrous and ammonia solution) makes it suitable for the most demanding industrial uses, among which:

  • In the production of amines.
  • As an intermediate in chemical synthesis.
  • In refrigeration systems.
  • In the manufacture of insulation, coatings, inks and toners, and solvents for paint stripping.
  • As an extraction (NOx/SOx) and neutralisation agent in the textile and nutrition industry.
  • In the manufacture of cleaning products.
  • In the treatment of paper pulp, leather, wood, metals, rubber and latex.
  • In the electrical and semiconductor industry.
  • In the manufacture of adhesives and sealants.
  • In the preparation of polymers.
  • In air treatment installations.
Ammonia is widely used as a household cleaning agent.
Ammonia is widely used as a household cleaning agent.

Did you know that...

The name ammonia comes from the gas obtained from salt deposits near the temple of Amun (Libya) and, in Greek, ammōniakón means 'belongs to Amun'.

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José Antonio Riquelme Vicente
José Antonio Riquelme Vicente
Sales Manager for the Catalonia and Levante markets.


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