We recover and recycle product containers

Sabiñánigo, February 2020
Como contribución a la economía circular reciclamos y recuperamos contenedores IBC.
As a contribution to the circular economy we recycle and recover IBC containers.

The implementation of a recovery and recycling programme for sodium chlorite IBCs has enabled us, by 2020, to use 42% of recovered containers and reuse a further 28%, resulting in a 70% reduction in the purchase of new containers.

IBC containers are used to deliver sodium chlorite to our customers and are 1,000 litre capacity containers.

"In a new commitment to the circular economy, Ercros is involved in a container reuse and recycling programme"

Commitment to recycling and refurbishment of containers

Also with the aim of contributing to the circular economy, 30% of the pallets we use at Ercros to market our products are recovered pallets.

The programme has been completed with tests to reduce and use recycled material in the manufacture of pentaerythritol sacks and packaging for other products in the intermediate chemicals division.

We have increased the use of reused pallets.