European teachers visit Monzón to learn about their student internships


A group of teachers from the European Erasmus Prep4Pro project visited the Ercros factory in Monzón to see how the student internships are carried out in this production centre.

The aim of the Erasmus Prep4Pro project is to create a network of educational centres in different European countries and to offer students the opportunity to carry out their training internships in companies in these countries.

The teachers, from institutes in France, Finland, Slovenia, Belgium and Spain, were welcomed by Belén Pascual and Pilar Salsé, head and technician of the plastics R&D department at the Monzón centre, respectively.

The group was joined by teachers from the Domingo Savio school, the educational centre promoting the Erasmus Prep4Pro project in Monzón and with which Ercros maintains a close relationship through talks, visits and vocational training internships for its students.