The Cerdanyola factory, accredited as a “healthy organization”


The Ercros factory in Cerdanyola has received accreditation from the certifying company Aenor for its healthy organization management system ("SIGOS"), which in addition to including aspects on prevention of people's health also affects the promotion of health and healthy lifestyle habits.

This factory also has certification for its occupational health and safety management, according to the ISO 45001 standard, as well as other certifications, such as environmental management, according to the ISO 14001 standard; and quality management, according to the ISO 9001 standard, and verifies greenhouse gas emissions according to the ISO 14064-1 standard.

The Cerdanyola factory belongs to the intermediate chemicals division of Ercros and produces, tailored to customers, more than 250 types of molding compounds that are used to manufacture electrical material (switches and plugs); toilet lids and seats, and toilet accessories; tableware and trays; caps for the cosmetic and perfume industry; buttons; pool balls; etc.