Celebration of International Women's Day at the Sabiñánigo factory


The Ercros centre in Sabiñánigo celebrated International Women's Day with an informative and educational meeting on the origins of this protest day and the evolution of the female presence in the factory.

All the women at the centre attended the meeting, as well as those responsible for the services and plants in which they work. Elena Simón, new director of the factory, was in charge of carrying out the presentation.

Simón explained that in recent years the number of women in Sabiñánigo’s staff has increased steadily: from representing less than 4% in 1990 to reaching 13.5% in 2023. The new director also shared some significant data: in 1985 the first female technician started working, in 2014 the first service manager was appointed and in 2019 the first production operator joined. Currently, the factory has six female operators and 75% of the people who occupy a guard position are women.

Elena Simón also shared with her colleagues the main axes of the Equality policy, approved in Ercros in 2022, and ended her presentation with a phrase from the philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria “Defend your right to think, because even thinking wrongly is better than not thinking”.